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World Cup Prediction Spain – Russia 1 July

Spain – Russia World Cup Prediction

Spain was literally overwhelmed by a tornado before the start of this World Cup with the Lopetegui case and it was inevitable that the scoriae of such a complicated situation left behind in the head and legs of the players. The qualifying group, in fact, was anything but brilliant for the Red Furies, who have made extreme effort, reaching the eighth only last breath. On the other hand, Russia had approached the competition with high hopes, but also with some problems revealed in the friendly preparatory: the start of the tournament was auspicious, but as soon as the level has risen, the hosts have shown all the their limits.

The key points of the prediction Spain – Russia

After the excellent debut against a frightened Saudi Arabia, Russia has granted an encore against Egypt, but when Uruguay arrived the difference was seen …

The hosts wiped out Saudi Arabia (5-0), then passed a non-irresistible Egypt 3-1 (zero points in three games), but lost wide against Uruguay (3-0).

Spain, as mentioned, has made great effort, centering the qualification to the eighths are only five points (the same of Portugal finished second by one goal difference).

Beyond the 3-3 against Portugal in the world debut, Spain has made extreme effort in the other two races: only 1-0 to Iran and 2-2 against Morocco in the last race.

The team is clearly physically and mentally struggling and has a hard time throwing the game that has always characterized the Red Furies in recent years.

Spain – Russia Prediction

On the one hand there is a non-brilliant Spain that also accuses some problems from the psychological point of view, on the other a Russia that – instead – does not abounds in technical qualities. We do not expect a particularly spectacular race, also because the teams hardly find themselves in “dry” races. We believe that in any case in the long run the quality of Iniesta and his teammates can come out: let’s play the final result.

Prediction of the Day: Spain wins
Odds: 1.62


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