UEFA Nations League Poland vs Portugal
UEFA Nations League

UEFA Nations League Poland vs Portugal 11/10/2018

Poland vs Portugal UEFA Nations League

Portugal won in the first game, and then Italy (1-0), and still benefited from a draw between Poland and Italy, which gives them the lead of group 3 at the moment. Slaski stadium where it will measure forces with the Polish selection. It is true that this selection was a few holes below what was expected in the 2018 World Cup, but there are players of undeniable quality, where the most media is Lewandowski. After the draw with Italy, Poland need to win to stay on top Portugal, one of the two rivals in the fight for the qualification. In the selection, the great low continues to be Cristiano Ronaldo, but the Portuguese formation showed, in front of Italy, that can handle well the absence of the captain. A draw could be a good result for Portugal, but it does not serve the intentions of the Poles. A good prospect in this group A of the League of Nations.


Portugal entered the competition well, with a win over Italy (1-0). 3 points added and is leading the Group 3 in League A.

Poland got a precious equalizer in Italy (1-1), returning to prove the competitiveness that is characteristic.

Zielinski, in support of Lewandowski form an elite attack, in the Polish national team. The first sum 2 goals for Naples, and the second 3, for Bayern Munich.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the biggest drop in the Portuguese team. Although there is a good response, in the game against Italy, not having the best player in the world can always weigh, even more in difficult games like this.

Football Betting Tips Poland vs Portugal

Poland showed against Italy that the 2018 World Cup could have been an “accident” of course. Indeed for the quality that this selection has, much more was expected in the 2018 World Cup. Playing at home, needing to win, and with players like Zielinski or Lewandowski, it will be difficult to stay zeros. Poland wins or ties.

Safe Bet: Poland wins or draws
Odds: 1.51

Bet Tips: Over2 goals
Odds: 1.70

Prediction Today: Lewandowski scores goal
Odds: 2.20


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