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France – Croatia World Cup Final 15/07

World Cup Final France – Croatia

On Sunday, July 15, 2018, the finals of the 2018 World Cup at 17:00 (CET) will see France and Croatia meet. Here are two teams have made it to the final of the 21st final round of a World Cup in football, which could hardly be more different from their predisposition ago. While the French national football team has sent one of the youngest teams to Russia, the “Kockasti” (in German: the checkers) are all already advanced age, which is why many top performers will now probably contest their last World Cup. And yet, the odds against France are Croatia’s clear favorites, although the team of Didier Deschamps should still have a lot of chances to win a big title, if you continue the good work. However, it does not count the potential for development, but the upcoming Sunday, where the world champion and thus the best nation in the world is determined. In this article, we provide you in the forecast for France against Croatia after detailed analysis, the best possible World Cup tip that you can deliver to this eagerly awaited final.
Both teams are now in the 64th match of this finals in the Olympic Stadium Luzhniki in Moscow, where it had just given in the semi-finals for the Croatian national football team the hard-fought 2-1 victory after extra time against England, while the French have less fond memories have this stadium in the Russian capital. Here they played namely in the inglorious third and final group match of the preliminary round against Denmark only 0-0 draw, with both teams had come in the end for an almost comeback acting game violently in the criticism. The draw was enough for both nations, regardless of the outcome of the parallel match to move into the second round, so memories of the “dishonor of Gijón” between Germany and Austria came up when two nations have delivered exactly the result, the two for the survival of the preliminary round enough would have. In any case, the Équipe Tricolore will need goals in their second appearance in this stadium if they want to reward themselves for the second time in history with the world title in the third World Cup Final after 1998 and 2006. Against the Croats one also experiences a new edition of the semi-finals of 1998, when they had thwarted the then surprise team in their own country shortly before the final sensation – by the way, still with today’s coach Didier Deschamps on the grid.

Can a new generation of Croatian football, who in one fell swoop forgot the success of the year 1998, retaliate 20 years later at the Equipe Tricolore and now crown himself world champion? Or, in the end, will the young and hungry troupe of Équipe Tricolore live up to the burden of being a favorite in Moscow? We will provide you with an answer at the end of the article in our forecast on France vs. Croatia.

France – Will the youth actually win in the end?

Only three outfielders in the final squad of World and European Champion Didier Deschamps are over 30 years old, while young players like 19-year-old Kylian Mbappé (Paris Saint-Germain), 22-year-old Benjamin Pavard (VfB Stuttgart) or the 24-year-old Samuel Umtiti (FC Barcelona) have become the big winners. And although the selection of the Equipe Tricolore is so remarkably young and potentially has several big tournaments in this constellation ahead of them, it has already gone through a crucial maturation process here, namely the European Championship two years ago. Here they were defeated in their own country at the end of the Portuguese national football team in the grand finale and had to settle for the end with the runner-up European Championship. Mind you in a game in which you also was the big favorite, but in the end had also failed on the cleverness and Abgebrühtheit. It is hard to blame Les Bleus for the way in which they won the semi-finals, when they ended up scoring five goals against Belgium with just 36% of possession, of which a header from defender Umtiti of all places sat a standard situation. And it is precisely this efficiency that makes it necessary to once again pull the plug from the Croats just like 20 years ago.

Croatia – From then on, everyone will speak only of the 2018 generation

For two decades, there was only one topic in Croatian football: the 1998 FIFA World Cup, in which the then debutant secured third place in a FIFA World Cup after victories over Germany in the quarter-finals and the Netherlands in third place had – until today the greatest success ever achieved by a Croatian selection. And whenever the fiery have delivered a few good games, as last in the preliminary round of EURO 2016, which has won sovereign title defender Spain, the calls were again loud, the highly decorated current generation of football must finally build on this great success of the past , Finally, with Luka Modric (Real Madrid), Mario Mandzukic (Juventus), Ivan Rakitic (FC Barcelona) and Danijel Subasic (AS Monaco) are some of the strongest players in Europe available, but all of which have already cracked the 30s age limit and thus have their last chance at this World Cup to be crowned World Champion. To some extent, a burden that has also clearly inhibited the squad of coach Noname Zlatko Dalić from the move into the knockout round. Against nations such as Denmark and Russia, against which victories are actually a must-have program, the only way to secure the penalty for the next round was by penalties, before England needed the overtime. For the first time in the history of a World Cup, there is a country in the final that has not won a single game in regular time in the knockout phase, and for the first time since Argentina in 1990, a nation that was twice successful on penalties , Possibly a bad omen, since the albiceleste then known to have lost their final. Regardless of the outcome of this endgame, it should be clear that at a World Cup in 20 years nobody will ask anymore, when a selection of 1998 will start again. From then on, everyone will probably only speak of this generation of 2018 …
France – Croatia Record – Previous meetings

There have already been five clashes between France and Croatia, and there have never been a Kockasti victory in two draws and three victories in the Équipe Tricolore. Most recently, they drew 0-0 in a friendly at Saint-Denis in March 2011, while the French won the only match in a 1998 FIFA World Cup semi-finals, as mentioned earlier, 2-1. Can Croatia return the favor 20 years later?

Who will win France or Croatia? Prediction World Cup 2018

At least the bookies do not expect it, because in the odds, France against Croatia is the big favorite. An assessment that must ultimately be agreed, although with regard to their respective semi-finals clear is to state that both teams are in no hurry and both feel in a more passive role well enough. In a World Cup semi-final, a 0-1 deficit still turn in this manner, testifies that Croatia has morally finally become a sworn troop, which was often the shortcoming in the past. Accordingly, in the classic 3-way system, we see a great deal of potential for the overtime to happen for the fourth time in the knockout stage, in which France is then over because of the youthful lightheartedness and the fact that you have so far everything in regular time has decided which should have better chances. In our forecast for France against Croatia we still see the bet with the best possible expectation in the classic 3-way system in tip X.

Prediction Today: Tip 2 (Croatia)
Odds: 4.75


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