England - Sweden World Cup Prediction
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England – Sweden World Cup Prediction 7/07/2018

England – Sweden World Cup Prediction

For the match between England and Sweden, I recommend that you count on the fact that England will have more corners, starting from handicap -1 for England

England is a more offensive team than Sweden. He has several options in the offensive game, has more initiative and does not wait so much to go on the counter.

Sweden has a more pragmatic game in which it presses less, defense playing a more important role in the game.

Sweden will not have the right wing, Lustig, which will be replaced by Krafth. In the middle line will be Sebastian Larsson, absent in the match with Switzerland from the eighth.

Sweden has an excellent defense, no goal scored in 3 of the 4 games of this World. England will not be easy to score and this pressure could bring many corners to the Scandinavian gate.

England has no dispositions.

In 3 matches from this World, with Tunisia, Belgium and Colombia, England had the same favorable corners report, 7-2.

In the match against Germany, Sweden had an unfavorable turn to corners of 3-8. With Mexico, the corners ratio was 3-7 to the Swedes. In the eighth place, the Swedes were overtaken by the Swiss at the corners with 11-3.

Prediction of the Day: England will have several corners, starting from handicap -1 for England
Odds: 1.68


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