Friendly Matches

Poland - Lithuania Betting Prediction
Friendly Matches

Poland – Lithuania Betting Prediction 12 June 2018

Today’s Soccer Prediction Poland – Lithuania While the first teams will debut at the World Cup on Thursday, June 14, there are those, like Adam Nawalka’s Poland, two days before the world championships will still face a friendly test. The Poles will be busy at the Stadion Narodowy in Warsaw for a challenge against the modest Lithuania. Poland is back […]

South Korea - Senegal Betting Prediction
Friendly Matches

South Korea – Senegal Betting Prediction 11 June 2018

Today’s Soccer Prediction South Korea – Senegal For South Korea and Senegal the world debut is approaching: Senegal will take the field on 19 June against the terrible Poland of Levandovski, while South Korea the day before will have to face Sweden. Both came in very complicated circles: the Koreans also have Mexico and Germany, while the Senegalese are captains […]

Hungary - Australia Betting Prediction
Friendly Matches

Hungary – Australia Betting Prediction 9 June 2018

Today’s Soccer Prediction Hungary – Australia They will be the Groupama Arena in Budapest and Hungary trained by the Belgian Georges Leekens to test the condition of Australia in view of the debut of the Socceroos at the World Cup. In fact, in the Hungarian capital, the last challenge for the preparation of the national team coached by the Dutch […]

Uruguay - Uzbekistan Betting Prediction
Friendly Matches

Uruguay – Uzbekistan Betting Prediction 8 June 2018

Soccer Prediction of the Day Uruguay – Uzbekistan Before reaching Europe and in particular Russia for the world debut on June 15th Uruguay will be engaged in the last friendly match. Uzbekistan will arrive at the Centenary of Montevideo for a challenge that already announces itself unequal. Just look at the odds of the bookies to realize it: Celeste’s victory […]

Russia - Turkey Betting Prediction
Friendly Matches

Russia – Turkey Betting Prediction 5 June 2018

Soccer Prediction for Today Russia – Turkey On June 14, the 2018 World Cup will start and the hosts are far from an optimal form, at least judging by recent results: even the last friendly was not that good luck, but the performance against Austria is only the last of many not excelled to mature in this period of preparation […]

Serbia - Chile Betting Prediction
Friendly Matches

Serbia – Chile Betting Prediction 4 June 2018

Soccer Prediction Serbia – Chile At the Merkur Arena in Graz, Austria, Serbia and Chile face each other in a friendly way. The Balkans trained by Mladen Krstajic have qualified for the World Cup where, in the first round, they will see it with Brazil, Costa Rica and Switzerland. For the Serbs this is the first of two friendlies that […]

Mexico - Wales Betting Prediction
Friendly Matches

Mexico – Wales Betting Prediction 29 May 2018

Soccer Prediction Mexico – Wales Mexico have qualified for the World Cup quite easily and have played friendly since last November. The Osorio selection is preparing for the World Cup in Russia, posting good performances against Belgium (3-3) and against Poland (1-0), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1-0) and the Iceland (3-0). By contrast, on March 28, Ochoa’s partners recorded a short […]

Germany - Brazil Soccer Prediction
Friendly Matches

Germany – Brazil Soccer Prediction 27 March 2018

Soccer Prediction Germany – Brazil In the memory of the Brazilian fans the spot of the seven goals in the passive will remain indelible in the World Championships suffered by Germany who then also graduated as World Champion. Of course, it can not be a friendly match, but certainly a challenge between these two national will never be the same […]

Portugal - The Netherlands Soccer Prediction
Friendly Matches

Portugal – Netherlands Soccer Prediction 26 March 2018

Portugal –  Netherlands Soccer Prediction Portugal comes after a match in which he defeated Egypt 2-1. The Netherlands was defeated by England on its own field by 1-0, but before that match, the Netherlands had a series of 5 wins, including Sweden, Scotland or Romania. Portugal has excellent shape Cristiano Ronaldo, the author of the two goals of the game […]

Peru - Croatia Soccer Prediction
Friendly Matches

Peru – Croatia Soccer Prediction 24 March 2018

Peru – Croatia Soccer Prediction Peru is the last qualified for Russia’s 2018 World Cup, having beaten New Zealand 2-0 in the play-off, thanks to the goals of Farfan and Ramos. The CT Gareca has excluded from the squad the old Pizarro but above all the Flamengo legend Josè Paulo Guerrero, pending the FIFA ruling on the appeal for the […]