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Brooklyn Nets – Detroit Pistons Preview 11/01/2018

NBA – Brooklyn Nets vs. Detroit Pistons

In the first duel between the Brooklyn Nets and the Detroit Pistons, the guests from Detroit are the favorites. They have a much better record, playing away from home just as much as the Nets do at home and are in the advantage of the table position. But in the last few days, the Nets have done a little better, so a closer look at both teams should give some indication of who should tip today.

The Nets have their fifth home game in a row today. After two victories over the Magic and Wolves, they lost the last two games, however, against the Celtics and Raptors. However, these losses were to be taken, the opponents were not only two of the best teams in the Eastern Conference, but made Brooklyn both games conceivable and with a little more luck, they could have won the games also.

They had to beat the Celtics 85-87, but had several chances to at least equalize the game. After a missed lay-off by Dinwiddie they took a total of three offensive rebounds and missed many chances to equalize. They lost to Toronto only in extra time with 113-114 and were also close to a surprise victory.

However, the matches matched the recent results, with the Nets winning three of their last four games ahead of these two games. With that, they also climbed a little in the table and gained self-confidence. I am also pleased that Jahlil Okafor was finally able to play again at the start of the new year. Having not been physically fit enough before, he has been back in action for 11, 13 and 10 minutes, and his stamina and influence will certainly increase significantly in the long run.

Of course, the Pistons will do everything they can to keep Okafor pale against them. But that should not be her only concern, the last results were not so good. Five of the last nine games were lost, in 2018, only one of four games could be won. Nothing is quite innocent of the injury of Reggie Jackson, who has been missing since the end of 2017 and has already missed six games (there were four defeats).

Meanwhile it became known that the Pistons tried to trade him well and absolutely want to oblige Evan Fournier of the Orlando Magic. But Jackson’s fat contract and the ongoing injuries prevented a trade for the time being and so they continue to weaken in the next few weeks, as Jackson will be missing by mid / end of February.

Even the surprising success in the penultimate game over the Houston Rockets (without Drummond) consoles little about the missed chances. So they lost the last game with 109-112 against the New Orleans Pelicans, although Drummond was back. After four defeats in the last six games so a downward trend can be seen and Coach van Gundy will do everything to ensure that his team comes as soon as possible without Jackson back on track.

Jackson will still be missing and Jon Leuer is not fit. The Nets have to do without Russell and Lin. Crabbe, Stauskas and Carroll are questionable.
Player to watch: Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris scores 18.4 points per game this season – career high. However, there is still a lack of consistency, which the Pistons but urgently need. But without Jackson his role will increase and after all, he showed himself very aggressive in the last two games with 27 and 25 points. The pistons also need it from him, so that he will experience it aggressively today. He should be able to achieve his average of 18 points thanks to his good form.
Prediction Today:Detroit Pistons


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