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Atletico Mineiro vs Glasgow Rangers Preview 10/01/2018

Match Analysis:

Atletico Mineiro is finally in the order of the 8th Serie A Brazil standings in the 2017 season, the results are normal. Atletico Mineiro’s appearance on the attack line was rather good, Fred was in first place top goal with 12 goals this season, but there are still many deficiencies in his defense; while the Scottish League is on a winter break, Glasgow Rangers now occupy the 3rd position of the standings, the team’s performance is rather good this season, especially in attack, they scored 1.86 goals per game, just behind by a strong Celtic FC team.

Handicap Analysis: [0.98 + 0 / 0.5 0.90]

The two teams never met in the past, the bookmaker gave Glasgow Rangers -0 / 0.5 early handicap for this match, then climbed to -0.5, considering the two teams play on different continents, so their second strength is hard to beat, but Brazil Serie A has finished its schedule, while the Scottish League is still running, so conditions Glasgow Rangers may be better, so Glasgow Rangers are more likely to win in this fight.

Asian Handicap: Glasgow Rangers

Prediction Today: 1-2, 0-2


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